Salud Integral S.A., domiciled in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, distributes Anvirzel™ to Central American and international patients that have been accepted for treatment after review of their medical records by our medical staff. The clinic and business offices are located in an upscale area of Tegucigalpa. A related company in a Class 100 clean room located in Tegucigalpa manufactures Anvirzel™. Because of the clinical results demonstrated by Anvirzel™ in Ireland, The United States, and The Republic of Honduras against many types of cell proliferative disease (cancer), as well as a spectrum of immune system disorders and viral disease. Anvirzel™ has been approved by the Secretary of Health in Honduras for sale and distribution. We would like to welcome you to our web site and hope you find the information within helpful and useful. If you or your doctor would like more information about becoming a patient please contact us, we would love to meet you.