Request a copy of your medical record file from your attending Physician’s Medical Office:

Records can be accepted in Spanish or English. When medical record translation presents a problem contact Cathy Vega for information on how to comply.

The following are examples of the medical records that would assist with our evaluation and need to be as complete possible.

Provide copies of Report Summaries only: 
(No Film)

Biopsy / Pathology / Histological Report:

Reports that confirms the initial diagnosis.

Imaging and Lab Results:

CAT, PET, or MRI Scan results. (Chest, Abdomen and pelvis, Bone, Brain etc.)

Blood Work specific to diagnosis results (CBC, CBC with differential, tumor markers, hormones, etc.)

Surgery reports with date, Pathology reports and Scan reports that demonstrate results.

Physicians Reports:

Physician commentary with brief personal medical history, oncologic and any other non-oncologic disease updates and treatmen