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oversees the sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution of Anvirzel®.


Anvirzel® is a Nerium oleander based product that represents a “first of it’s class” botanical drug containing oleandrin.


Patients requesting assessment and evaluation of their disease state will be required to provide all required information.

Patient Testimonials

My doctor recommended Anvirzel® as a treatment for a systemic viral condition whose symptoms would not abate with any other treatments, including lifestyle changes, pharmaceutical treatments, and natural remedies.  I’ve been taking Anvirzel® for one year now and have recovered a great deal. Excruciating symptoms that used to flatten me every ten days to two weeks are now manageable pain or discomfort that rarely flattens me. My digestion has improved and I’m beginning to work part-time in my own business. Given the recovery I’ve experienced so far, and my doctor’s experience with Anvirzel® ability to reduce viral load and inhibit viral replication, I’m confident that with continued use of Anvirzel® I will continue to make progress and fully regain my health.


I was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer in April, 2021.  I had a tumor the size of a baseball and was told I had 4 to 6 months to live unless I  treated it aggressively.  I refused to take chemo because I didn’t want to spend the last few months of my life sick half of the time.  I was 84, had lived a full life, was a Christian, and knew I was going to heaven.  I was in good health, still working full time and playing tennis 3 times a week.  A friend recommended Anvirzel®, and I learned it had no bad side effects.  I have been taking it every day since then.  I still drive to the office every day and play tennis 3 times a week.  I have no pain, but I do run out of steam a little faster than in the past.  But at ages 86, I am glad to have any steam at all.

T Bradford

My use of Anvirzel® has been a totally satisfying experience. In my fight against my squamous cell cancer, I have used Anvirzel® first as a front line product, and now as a maintenance supplement. Using Anvirzel® makes me feel more confident in my ongoing health. I appreciate how easy it is to use and also the great support from the Salud Integral’s team. My current oncologist recommends that I stay on it on an extended basis. I am in remission and with the Anvirzel®, believe I will stay that way for a long time.


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