Treatment Overview and Guidelines

Patients requesting assessment and evaluation of their disease state by the medical staff of Salud Integral S.A. will be required to provide the completed information and consents found in the next section Required Patient Forms.

Dosing Instructions of Administration will be provided upon approval.

Participation in Continuing Research

If the patient is accepted for a course of Anvirzel™ therapy; he/she must agree to continue to provide Salud Integral S.A. with current medical records for their use and information as long as he/she continues on Anvirzel™ therapy. Acceptance into a prescribed Anvirzel™ therapy regimen by the medical staff of Salud Integral S.A. and the commencement of that regimen by the patient constitutes an acceptance of this condition.

Provide Medical Records

In order for our medical staff to be able to accurately determine acceptability and proper dosage, patients will be required to submit their medical records to the offices of Salud Integral for review by our medical staff prior to being accepted for Anvirzel™ therapy.

Patients need to provide the completed Medical Overview Form and copies of their medical records that include physician report summaries of their current status and prognosis, medical history, evolution of disease and laboratory test results (Blood Work results and interpretations of Biopsy/Pathology, CAT Scans, MRI, PET etc.).

Provide Patient Information